Iles De Grand Cauois (Grand Cauois Island)


I anchored in this cove on Grand Cauois Island 30 miles south of Sept Iles


There was a lone house in this cove and I met the people there.


I went fishing with Henry and Bridgette, went to check on their lobster traps.


After they came out of the traps rubber bands were put around the claws.



 At the end of 3 hours we had a basket full.Port-Cartier-20140630-00194


Naturally we had to try some for dinner! Henry cracked them open and gave me a plate full to try.


 Bridgette served up fresh cod and potatoes as a side. Can’t get much fresher than that!Port-Cartier-20140629-00179

There was a whale that regularly passed the entrance of the cove. You would hear him blow every morning.


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