In Rimouski there is a fair bit of boat traffic. This is one of the last places on the St. Lawrence that has a good wharf and access to trucking for shipping goods north and to remote outposts. There are several ships that call here regularly to either drop off or pick up supplies.

 This is a tanker dropping fuel off for the town. The fuel is picked up in New Brunswick and delivered here by Dara Desgagnes. This is a 405′ ship x 58′ wide. It was built in 1993 in Germany and can carry 70,000 barrels of oil in it’s tanks. The Desgagnes shipping company has 7 tankers in it’s fleet.


Bella Desgagnes  is another one of the ships that calls on Rimouski. It was here the other night to load up supplies. It’s listed as a passenger ship and it stops at all the outposts along the north shore right up to Labrador. It was built in Croatia for Desgagnes and delivered in 2013. It’s 97m long or 318 ft and travels at 12 knots. It’s rated as an icebreaker and can do 5 knots steady in what’s called first year ice. It has 63 cabins, 160 berths, and can take up to 381 passengers.

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This ship replaces another one that is also calling Rimouski home and that is the Nordik Express. The Nordik Express used to do the run that the Bella is doing now. The Nordik is now a freighter taking supplies to Anticosti Island here in the gulf where they are drilling for oil. It’s supplying the drilling operations for the time being.


Specs for this boat is that it was built in Washington state in 1974 and is 228 feet long. It can take up to 268 passengers but is not used for that anymore.








There is also a very active boating community here in the model boat hobby. Below here are a number of boats that guys have been sailing in the marina.

This is a model of the Coast Guard cutter Edward Cornwallis.






 A variety of tugs are also sailed and some of them have barges that the guys two around.












This is not a model!


This boat pulled in this afternoon for fuel to Rimouski. It’s a Tiara 50, made in Michigan, 54 feet overall. These people are doing the loop around the Gaspe, down to New York, and up the canal system back to Lake Ontario. Their fuel capacity is 2476 litres or 654 US gallons. They took in 449 litres here in Rimouski.DSC01230

DSC01234One fill and they spend more than my whole trip. I will publish my total when I return but these people do this all the time.

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