Tadoussac Quebec

DSC00953Well I’m back in Tadoussac. On the way up I stopped here but did not get a chance to blog about it. Now that I’m at the dock here I will try and catch up. I’m doing this with the fog horn wailing in the background. I arrived at 6 pm after motoring for 12 hours from Rimouski. I came here with two other boats that are headed back to Quebec city.


On the way up while entering the river to get to Tadoussac, “Theodor Tug” passed by also going to the same place.


On the way up  I anchored out in the bay. You need to stay way out since the begining is very shallow and dries out. Right around the docks its ok but a little further if your not careful you will get stranded at low tide. It was not very busy at the dock on the way up since I was very early in the season.


While leaving for Rimouski on vthe way up I was able to catch a whale surfacing right in front of the boat. A lucky shot.


 On the way back from Rimouski I sailed with two other boats also heading back to Quebec city. It was a good day of 12 hours getting to Tadoussac but when we got close fog rolled in at the mouth of the Saguenay River. For the last hour and a half it was an instrument only situation to get into the marina. I could not see a thing for the fog until right at the dock. A pretty interesting time and very thankful for radar and electronic charting with GPS.


The second visit to Tadoussac is very different than the first. Now the docks were full with boats going east. Kind of romantic with everyone having dreams of far away harbours and beautiful sunsets yet to come.


Independence was another Beneteau that was one of the boats sailing with myself and their friend with an identical boat called Aladin II.



As we left Tadoussac the next day headed to Cap De L’Aigle (Cap A Leg or Cape of Eagles as its called) we spotted 4 Belugas just behind us heading up river.


I was following Independence and spotted this seal just popping up for a look between us.


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