Quebec City to Montreal on the return


Entering Quebec city from Baccuss. You can see the waves starting to build on the water.


Finally back in Quebec city again. I arrived here after a short hop over from Bacchus YC on the island down the river. Just stayed there one day to go and get a haircut and fuel up for the next leg home. I would leave there and do stops in PortNuef, TroisRiviere, and Sorel before getting to Montreal. Portnuef was nothing special but I had to wait there for the change in tide before leaving through the rapids or narrows in the river. I ended up in TroisRiviere at about 10pm at night against a strong current. When I arrived at the finger dock there was a boater that I had met earlier, Muarice that helped me tie up. He was kind enough to lend me hid access card so that I could get a shower late that night. I left again early in the morning for Sorel and arrived there again late in the day.


This is leaving Trois Riviere early in the morning.


Some of the houses outside of Sorel on the way to Montreal

After Sorel I left and went further up the river to a town called Contrecoeur. Here I stayed two nights and waited for good winds to continue to Montreal.





This is a great little hide away harbour right off the river.


 Entering Montreal.


The Big “O” stadium in Montreal

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