Finally in Dorval and have Wifi

Well where do I begin? It’s been a good trip so far with a number of little challenges. The weather has been the biggest factor. Holding us up in Brighton for 5 days. The weather cleared but the lake was still rough and the other factor was that the Murray Canal did not open till the May long weekend. So we waited till the Friday and took the inside route past Belleville, Picton and on to Kingston.

We left Kingston and headed out in blind fog running with the GPS and Radar. That went fine and on we went past all the islands and on to Brockville. At Brockville Tony hoisted me up the mast so that I could check the VHF antenna. It turned out that it fell apart in my hand! When the mast was put up at 50 Point the mast crane hit the antenna and had broken it. I was getting intermittant reception on the marine radio and could not live with that.

Finally after getting a new antenna in Montreal (Dorval to be exact) in installed a new antenna and now its fine.

Antenna repair in Montreal at the Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club

Along the wall in the Murray Canal

After Brockville it was on to Cornwall and in search of the antenna. We did the Iroquois lock and than to the Eisenhower and Snell locks. They all went fine.

Going down with floating bollards

This all went fine. It was amazing how far these things go down but we had no real issues.

Just about down

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