In Batiscan, off the main river

Left Trois Riviere this morning and headed out into 20 to 25 knot winds. After a couple of hours the waves became 5 to 6 feet and at times when pounding into them the spray would hit the dodger. It was time to find a hiding spot. We found a tributary that comes into the Saint Lawrence and pulled in to drop anchor. That was a whole new experience since now we were dealing with tide, wind and current flow from this river. There was another boat anchored here as well so we called a local marina here and they told us there was 16 feet of water so lots of depth for us. These people at this marina normally put their docks in the river in spring but since the water is so high this year and the warm weather does not exist, they are way behind. At Trois Riviere there were no boats in at all because of high water upstream there. It’s all in all a wet and cold year so far.

Anchored in the Batiscan River

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