Finally in Quebec City

Well we finally made it here to Quebec city. As you all know it’s been a wet and windy spring and summer. It’s been worse on the Saint Lawrence. Blowing hard north east which is exactly the way the river flows. That means wind against the current and makes for miserable motoring into the winds.

At one spot we ran into a log that was floating in the river that pretty much made us come to a full stop. We had not seen it floating there and it was a few moments of “what did we hit” “check the bilges for water” and trying to asses what had happened. After a few minutes and all was clear we decided to recover the log and save someone elses life. A log 30 feet long and 10 inches in diameter would easily rip an outdrive out of a power boat or worse with a small outboard.

Tony went out to tie a line to the log

We towed the log out of the main river


We tied the log to a bouy

After the recovery we tied the log to a bouy and notified the Coast Guard. By law you are not allowed to touch the bouys so maybe this way they will come and remove it and take it to shore. There is a lot of debris floating in the water this year due to high water levels and flooding in the great lakes basin and lower Saint Lawrence.
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