Old Quebec, Issuma, Gale Warning!

Today after boat chores doing a pump out (which didn’t work because the suction pump at the club broke) and fuel fill up I headed into town to fill the propane for cooking. After that I went to the old city of Quebec to do the required sightseeing. I didn’t have my camera with me since I was dropped off by a local club member after running around looking for propane refill.

The electrical panels on the docks here in Quebec city are built into little houses above the docks. Here they house the transformers and breaker panels that feed the outlets for the boats. This whole system rises and falls twice a day with the tides.

Early this afternoon another boat came in. This one was a schooner that I had met the owner of last year. Richard Hudson is taking this steel boat to Greenland this summer.

Registered in Whitehorse because that was where he lived when he bought the boat

There is a gale warning on for tomorrow for the area that I want to head to. So that means I will be here for one more day before heading down river.

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