Kelly IV and Locking upbound on Fathers Day!

While at the marina in Longueuil another sailboat came in that I had conversed with last winter. The name is Kelly IV and the owner in Allen Murphy out of Cleveland Ohio. Murph (as he likes to be called) and I met last winter at the boat show in Toronto and have been in contact ever since. He too is doing the Saint Lawrence this year. We finally met up again here in Montreal and swapped details of our trips and information about further ports and facilities.

"Murph" on his boat Kelly IV

Well Fred Robinson has arrived and we are headed back upstream. I picked him up at the train station in Old Montreal. We got back to the boat and headed for our first lock. We did two locks yesterday and anchored out overnight right outside the canal in  a quiet cove on the Indian reserve. We headed out this morning at 0830 hrs and are now waiting to the third lock called the Beauharnois.  

Fred watching for debris in the water and enjoying the ride

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