End of the journey! Home again!

Well I’m back home in my slip at Fifty Point. It has been a very interesting trip with a lot of memorable moments. The times fighting the northeast winds howling up the river while I was going down. This was wind against the current which made for short miserable waves which are the kind that make you want to find refuge. The times leaving in the middle of the night, 2:30 am to be exact to catch the tide up or down the river. The time I came very close to a freighter in the middle of the black night. The Belugas swimming around the boat while I was frantically racing for the camera. The Minke whales swimming along the shore outside Tadoussac that I did get some pictures of. I did get a short video of the Beluga’s swimming but I need to figure out how to post it here.

I’ve met some very wonderful people along the way as well. I spent five days in Presquile at the entrance to the Bay of Quinte waiting for a northeaster to blow through and the Murray canal to open. There were club members that did laundry for me and lent a minivan so that I would have transportation to get supplies and I was able to visit Trenton and the aircraft museum.

The cleaning lady that opened the Trois Riviere Yacht club that was still officially closed so that we could have a shower. In broken French and English we managed to explain what was needed. Further in Montreal at the Royal Saint Lawrence Yacht Club I was able to get a free slip and able to repair my mast head antenna. In Quebec city I met Peter Cameron the wonderful person that drove me around Quebec city looking for propane and getting other supplies. Also Richard and Louise Brown in Yacht Club De Quebec that helped me work through the Atlas of Tidal Currents for the Saint Lawrence. They were instrumental in my learning the tidal system and how best to take advantage of the times and various different flows in the river.

Further along it was also a pleasure to meet Richard Hudson on the yacht Issuma. Richard and I had met during last winter while he was in Scarborough. He tried his best to convince me to carry on fighting the fog and northeaster’s but it was not to be. His travels to Greenland this summer can be followed here, http://www.sailblogs.com/member/rhudson/

I need to thank some people as well. My cousin Tony from Thunder Bay that endured the first few weeks with me going through the locks and fighting the floating logs and debris on the river. My good friend Fred Robinson who came by train to Montreal to help me through the locks there. Also the company that I work for, Romar Electrical Services that gave me the time off to undertake this journey. Most of all I was grateful to my loving wife for giving me the freedom to chase dreams and who gave me support during the whole endeavor. I also want to thank Robert Dixon from Hamilton who kept in contact with me on a regular basis as well to lend an ear.

All together I have travelled 1293 nautical miles since leaving Fifty Point. That’s just about 2400 km’s. The boat has held up well during this time with the only issues being the GPS failures in the beginning. To the credit of West Marine and Garmin they sent out a replacement unit no charge and I was back in business. The mast head antenna broken during the mast stepping at home was repaired and reception worked great there after.

Continue to check this site and as soon as I have figured out how to add video’s I will post them in a seperate file.

Have an enjoyable summer and take time to smell the roses! Life is too short not to dream and try and make it happen.

Ron Ouwehand

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