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This video is of two Beluga Whales that are feeding around the boat.

A little background info, I’m anchored in four knots of current off to the side of the Saint Lawrence in a bit of a cove area. I spotted the whales right beside the boat as I came up from below. I ran back down to find a camera. It always happens that when you get the camera the “Kodak” moment is gone. If you look closely you will see first one whale surface and then later you will see two come up and go down together a few times. I panned the camera to the back of the boat to show the wake or water streaming past the boat and dinghy while I was not moving. A real interesting feeling when you are laying in your bunk below and you hear water gurgling past the hull. This was about nine o’clock in the morning and I had left early that morning at 2:30 am to catch the tide. Fog had rolled in and I had already done 25 miles (50 km’s) and this was the only place I could stop. The next leg from here would take another 8 to 10 hours. So I had to make a decision here or go on. I decided to stop but the tide was still in mid flood or in layman’s terms it was incoming.

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