Well we made it to Belleville. It’s been an interesting day. Left Brighton under sunny skies and it stayed that way all day. In the morning Paul emptied the dinghy on the dock from the rain water from the previous day and we headed off to the Murray Canal.




After exiting the Murray we headed to Belleville but I was not paying attention and ran off course and ran out of water! We were hard aground. Seems that rock ledge has my name on it. Did the same thing 15 years ago in roughly the same spot! You’d think I’d have that figured out. Oh well, after Paul put out the big anchor by rowing in the dinghy I was able to winch the boat around to head us off the shoal. It took a couple of hours trying with not much headway but Providence sent 3 Police boats by and one of them, a big inflatable with twin 200 hp motors gently helped us off that ledge. I put the sails up to help heel the boat over so that we might have less draught in the water. This worked and we headed off to Belleville for the night and to check things out. At this point all seems well. Other than a bruised ego, we are good to go.


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