Montreal – Updated

We have arrived! Paul and I completed the locks. We left at 8 am on Thursday morning and headed for the Valleyfield bridge. When we arrived after several attempts to contact the bridge we finally got ahold of them and were told there would be a two hour wait due to maintenance. Very annoying doing circles in the water with 2 knots of current under the bridge. We finally got to go and arrived at the next set of locks. There was also a two hour wait. Seemed to be the order of the day. The locks were no problem by this time but by the time we got to the last set it was getting dark. We finally cleared the last lock downtown Montreal at 9:30 and still had a few miles to go to get into the marina at Longueuil. As soon as we entered the channel back into the river we were met head on with a freighter heading for the lock we just left. No problem, just move aside in the dark and stay out of his way. It was a challenge to find the marina in the dark but all went well. We arrived at 10 pm and were happy to tie up and shut the engine down.

Beauharnois-20140529-00030 IMG-20140529-00028


 After Paul left on the train I headed into the old city for a tour. It was a beautiful day.





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