Sunday in Matane

Yes I’m still here. I’ve ordered a seal kit for my water pump and it should be in here tomorrow. When it comes in I will want to rebuild my water pump hoping to stop the drip from becoming a gusher. So I will probably not be leaving till Tuesday. I’m also waiting for Sling N to come back here. They texted me this morning saying they have contacted a mechanic to come and look at their engine issues on Monday. If they get it repaired I would not expect them back here till Tuesday weather permitting.

It’s another cool and wet day here in Matane but the sun is supposed to come out later today and the weather will clear again. Now that I have wifi for a few days I’m happy to be able to update this site as well as Skype and most importantly able to watch the 11 am Sunday church service back home!

Yesterday was boat launch day here at high tide. They have a late season here. All the boats are on trailers and they just run them down the ramp till they float off their trailers.


The tractor controls the descent into the water.


Once the boat is off they just pull the trailer out and park it for the season.







While I’ve had some time here I did some work in the aft lazarette. I glued in two blocks of wood that I can later drill, put in eyelets, and tie rope to hold my cleaning pail on the shelf that I made there last year. That way it will not fall off when the boat heels.


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