~.~.~.~ W h e r e   i s   O l d   H a n d   n o w ? ~.~.~.~

:: Shore-based Email ::

Please send any shore-based e-mails to these addresses:


:: Ship Email ::

Please follow these instructions below:

Ham Radio e-mail address:


The above e-mail address will send messages to me on board the Old Hand via my HAM/SSB radio. These messages must adhere to a very specific format. The connection between the shore based station that is connected to the internet and my boat is VERY SLOW – 1200 baud when going full speed. (Remember the early days of dial up?) If you wish to send me messages on the HAM or SSB radio link please keep them short and simple.


  • only plain text (no HTML or any other Hypertext – use your FORMAT/STYLE menu item to specify plain text).
  • one page or shorter.
  • New Rules: in the subject line you must insert the following letters //WL2K (then any other normal subject content to follow) If you have been in contact with me before and I have your email address in my list than this will not apply.


  • send images/graphics/pictures.
  • include any original message in a reply.

Skype contact:  beneteau285

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