ESPAR Heating Installation

The ESPAR model D4 unit was installed in the aft starboard lazerete. As you can see from the pictures the heating duct was run forward through the cabinet in the head. A 2-inch take-off was fed to an adjustable vent in the head. The 3-inch duct continued forward through the hanging locker and into the starboard settee. There is a 3-inch duct that feeds the main cabin and also continues forward into the V berth. The fresh air intake for the heater is piped into the aft cabin to help in recirculating the heat throughout the boat.

A custom diesel tank was made to fit in the space behind the aft cabin on the port side. This was a 26-liter tank that is used exclusively for the heating system. There was a new inlet for this tank cut into the transom. The exhaust runs from the Espar through the space behind the transom and is cut in the hull above the exhaust for the engine.

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